IRMA for plant and machine construction

Safety for networked automation in plants and machines

Unfortunately, there are still many controllers, process logic controllers, networking and sensor technology without the corresponding security functions. In addition, security functions that would make the plants and machines possible often cannot be switched on in the customer’s operating environment – the existing SCADA, Historian and control station systems do not always support all necessary functions.

Question: Can this discrepancy be solved?

Every incident confirms that a lot of information was available in the network of plants and machines and in the use of the systems long before the damage occurred. The spread of malware or attacks in particular leaves behind a large number of indications that can be easily recognised and used before damage occurs.

Conclusion: Security only works in combination with an overall view and monitoring of how the individual components and systems behave with each other.

Solution: Continuous monitoring and alerting prevents this damage

As a supplier of the systems or machines you can offer real added value, so that your customer gets the “state of the art” in security as well.

IRMA for plant and machine construction – the added value for your customer

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