Recognizing potential – utilizing potential

Energy Data Management

Automated collection of energy data

Any efficient energy management system is based on automated energy data recording. Easy-to-view displays and analyses are a key criterion, as is the capability to identify potential savings. To implement long-term energy data management in order to enable a continuous improvement process, the international ISO 50001 norm provides a flexible framework. The water/sewage sector has the ATV A 216 guidelines.

Historian software a long-term solution

For plant builders and companies with automated production, deploying historian software offers a long-term solution for supplying the energy management system with data. The new ACRON8 software generation deals with next year’s challenges. New ideas and technologies aim to make it easier for our clients to process and analyse plant-wide process data in an integrated and interactive manner. ACRON8 provides the option to prepare key data so that managers and decision makers have access to informative, easy-to-understand reports.

Meeting all demands

With our ISO 50001 TÜV certification we have, yet again, upgraded these cross-sector applications. Whether meeting environmental management requirements under ATV A 216 ISO 14001, the stringent water/sewage requirements, or the 21 CFR Part 11 FDA regulations in the pharmaceuticals sector. ACRON8 complies with all the norms and it is a simple energy data management tool for users.