IRMA® IIoT for Machine and Plant Construction

IT/OT security and service
in one step


In plant or mechanical engineering, high quality requirements from global customers are a matter of course. This applies not only to the machines and systems, but also to all associated services. In addition, the requirements for cyber security are increasing. In accordance with these requirements, we have developed a product that contributes significantly to cost savings with a well thought-out solution.

With the IRMA® IIOT system, you can create a constantly updated asset register as well as a logical network plan and thus obtain the reference for delivery. The status and connections within the machine or plant as well as the interactions with the customer network and other systems are continuously documented. Changes and anomalies are automatically displayed and the service can act much faster.


Do you want to meet these requirements quickly and with little effort?

  • Reduction of FAT, SAT and recovery times for you and your customers
  • Reduction of the high costs of plant and machinery standstills
  • Improvement of supplier service and documentation of maintenance activities
  • Faster commissioning with logging of the delivered network components and settings
  • A professional tool for the mandatory provision of evidence during system handover, fault analysis during the warranty period
  • Efficient assessment of risks based on the current overview of all devices and systems

or your customers need a security certification or must meet the requirements of the IT Security Act (IT-SiG).

Intelligent machine and plant monitoring with webfrontends

By analysing network traffic, the IRMA®IIOT system is able to quickly detect anomalies, faults and other cyber attacks within protected machines or plants. Behavioural analysis and anomaly detection mean that disturbances can be identified and the relevant persons can be alerted at an early stage. This means that standstills can be prevented. Real-time state analysis relies on advanced statistical modelling and machine learning.

The benefit with IRMA® IIoT

  1. Immediate overview and updating of IT/OT devices and systems
  2. Differentiated visibility of faults or the connected infrastructure
  3. Proof of error-free integration and fast service in operation
  4. Support of the security process thanks to a continuous overview of the threat situation
  5. Accurate overview of assets and accesses during the warranty period

The advantages of IRMA® IIoT

  1. Current asset register and logical network diagram
  2. Automated network documentation of the FAT
  3. Actual to target comparison in the SAT and immediate availability of the analysis results for integration
  4. Planning of the advanced safety measures to prove IEC62443, TISAX, NAMUR NA169 or other industry-specific standards
  5. Complete documentation until the end of the warranty period

Safe, simple, efficient – advanced IRMA®: IIoT für production and machinery

Changes are displayed immediately thanks to the continuous monitoring and checking of all communication connections, installed devices, controls and sensors. This guarantees direct integration into the machine controls and operating processes.

An integrated packet capture (PCAP files) of the network traffic is available for detailed analysis. The causes of malfunctions are quickly found and downtimes are shortened.

When the IRMA® IIOT system is implemented in the control room, the solution ensures optimal operation and service processes.


The detailed representation of the devices and systems, including the communications and protocols used, simplify the functional acceptance testing. Adjustments and errors are displayed immediately. Asset documentation and a logical network plan are available within a very short time.


Integrating the real-time network data of the devices and systems into the control room visualisation means that faults can be rectified quickly. Alerting via RestAPI, SFTP, EMAIL, AIP (additional alerting product) and potential-free contacts.


The processes are continually recorded by way of cognitive analysis of communications. Abnormalities and anomalies are immediately detected and users are alerted. Conforms to the recommendation of BSI-CS134.


OT Intrusion Detection System (IDS)/ attack detection according to IT-SiG 2.0. The detection of anomalies in OT protocols is essential for an OT IDS. IRMA® analyses e.g. Profinet, Modbus/ TCP, EthernetIP, IEC 60870-5-104 and many more.

Security considerations and risk minimisation serve as potential savings for the supplier and the customer. Passive monitoring enables data to be recorded quickly and without feedback. All information is available for risk analysis and further documentation with little effort. Immediate improvements in availability and revaluations of risk provisions are possible.

Your 1st plus

Non-reactive due to connection to a mirror port of the central machine / system switch

Your 2nd plus

High security thanks to hardened system and full data encryption

Your 3rd plus

Automated detections and alerts without configuration

Your 4th plus

Optional risk analysis according to ISO 27005, IEC62443-3-3