Data analysis visualisation
for the control of your plants

Overview, control and flexibility are decisive factors for fully exploiting the potential of your plants. To ensure this, you need an intelligent solution that quickly and clearly provides up-to-date information, reports and data analyses visualisation. A solution that is secure and can be integrated into your existing IT without much effort.

With JUNE5, we have developed an ECO system that allows you to keep an eye on your plants anytime and anywhere. With various interfaces, modules and a constantly expanding range of functions – from mobile manual data entry to automated data conversion and comprehensive web reports – JUNE5 gives you real-time access to all the information, alarms and data of your systems. Via the convenient user interface, you can also retrieve and evaluate the data you require on your smartphone or tablet with simple gesture control. In a matter of seconds, you can create reports for further evaluation and analysis – according to your individual requirements.

JUNE5 at a glance

Secure web-based ECO system for your production data – as mobile and desktop assistant
Quick access to all production data with reports and data analysis visualisation
Integration of individual functions and other web-based products
Access to multiple production sites from any location, without additional software installations – Cloud Ready

JUNE5 ECO System Structure

JUNE5 WebReport JUNE5 FlexIn JUNE5 DataTrans JUNE5 Gate

JUNE5 DataTrans:

Automatic data export without high project effort

Most companies have a wide variety of software products in which data is archived. Exports from these data repositories have different characteristics in the different sectors with regard to the export format (CSV, XML, LPEX, Teis3, MSCONS, B2MML, etc.). The way in which these data have to be exported is also very different.

In order to unify these functions and bring them to our standard data interface, we have developed the JUNE5 DataTrans as a unified data transport interface. Its functional features include exporting the data from different data sources and converting it into the desired formats.

For more information on our data hub JUNE5 DataTrans, click here:

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JUNE5 FlexIn:

Manual value logging for the industry

JUNE5 FlexIn provides the user with maximum mobility and data security. The mobile manual input for smartphone applications under Android and iOS can be used wherever data has to be entered manually. The input must be simple and flexible, as the industrial environment has increased requirements in this respect.

Furthermore, it is necessary to be able to work without network reception, because measuring points are often in the basement area or other remote locations without reception for the mobile device. Even under these conditions, JUNE5 FlexIn ensures reliable data acquisition. Data synchronisation takes place as soon as the network connections are available again.

You can find more information about the mobile manual data collection app JUNE5 FlexIn here:

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JUNE5 Gate:

The IIOT communication platform

The rapid development of automation and data transmission opens up many new avenues for us, but it also creates new challenges – a new approach to thinking about transferring data from decentralised areas to a central application.

With our JUNE5 Gate solution, we take our know-how from the field of telecontrol and data transmission and turn it into a new, flexible IIOT concept with two different approaches: the data is hosted locally or in the cloud.

The highlight: you can integrate your existing ODP stations* into the new concept without much effort and thus save the majority of the costs per station.

* Applies to serially connected station types. (Ethernet requires a modified configuration.)

Further information on the JUNE5 Gate communication platform can be found here:

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JUNE5 WebReport:

Flexible report generation on the web

Professional reporting is one of the basic requirements in almost all companies. Whether in the production area or at the management level – presenting prepared data in reports is an existential requirement for all areas. The solution: a central reporting system for creating uniform reports from various data sources.

With JUNE5 WebReport, we have provided a professional yet simple tool that simplifies complex report generation into a simple but effective overall solution. Automation technicians and plant operators receive professionally rendered real-time reports from production and plant data paired with powerful analysis tools for the entire company.

For more information on the JUNE5 WebReport central reporting system, click here:

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The advantages of JUNE5

No installation of plug-ins in the browser necessary

with high performance at the same time

through Responsive Design

with alarms in various variants possible

thanks to minimal effort in parameterisation


System image via the directory tree or switchable via classification according to functions / work groups

via internet and intranet

from different data sources

for structured data access incl. interface to your AD

German, English (language is switched online)

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