JUNE5 - Version 2.6 released

Available now: the next version of JUNE5, the production web portal

The latest JUNE5 software version offers a number of innovations as well as improvements regarding operation and usage.

  • CSV-Export
  • Server-side paging for request of values (e.g. lookup table)
  • ACRON alarms can be retrieved, filtered, and paged (from ACRON 8.4 SP1)
  • HTTP Compression
  • PHD Honeywell datasource
  • Revision of the object model
Web Application
  • New dashboard component with advanced features
  • Operation dashboard widget (DataKind / time range)
  • Configurable report
  • Swiping in the time range in the report (for example, forward / backward months in the monthly report)
  • Alarm table
  • Display of alarms in a chart
  • Creation of layers and predefined time ranges in the user interface
  • Integration of CustomObject creation into the analysis
  • Choosable colour themes
  • Complete revision of the design
  • New menu structure
  • List view is adjustable in width

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