JUNE5 WebReport

Flexible reporting
on the web

In almost all companies, professional reporting is one of the most basic requirements. Whether it is the area of production or at the management level – the presentation of prepared data in reports is an existential requirement for all departments.

Whether it is labels with barcodes on the production line, the daily report for the executive team, or the monthly report on the use of energy: a central reporting system with different data sources for the various requirements in the areas of production and management is an essential factor.


JUNE5 WebReport at a glance

For both the automation engineer and plant operator, we are now providing a professional yet simple tool: JUNE5 WebReport. Extensive functionality, easy configuration and full database connectivity are combined in this solution as part of the JUNE5 ECO system.

  • Central web-based report generator for reports from the entire company
  • Connection to various data sources – including multi-source
  • Library of ready-made reports included

Convert your company’s raw data into valuable information: with JUNE5 WebReport, you simplify the otherwise complicated generation of reports into a sleek and effective all-in-one solution, and gain professionally-generated real-time reports from the production and plant data, coupled with powerful analytics tools for the entire company.

Uniform reports from different data sources

JUNE5 WebReport can be used for the simple generation of reports, all the way through to corporate dashboards. Whenever a convincing and comprehensive report solution is required in the area of production, JUNE5 is the optimum answer. The application stands out with its data aggregation from different data sources, through the automatic triggering of reports concerning a combination of manual, time-based or eventrelated information.

With JUNE5 WebReport, you can

  • configure on a centralised basis and create reports
  • make information available from production through to management
  • present data and information in reports quickly
  • link several data pools to one reporting system
  • establish a central reporting system with schedulers and multiple printers

Your benefits with JUNE5 WebReport

  • A central web portal for reports from across the whole company
  • Central configuration and report generation fully on the web
  • Intuitive reports and templates to get you started quickly
  • Integrated graphic objects for simplified presentations
  • Comprehensive links to various systems: Historian, HMI/SCADA and databases
  • Integration into the JUNE5 ECO system also in the dashboard
  • Dynamic and automated reporting for flexibility in the event of industrial use

JUNE5 WebReport: applications

Existing Excel applications which can no longer be maintained can be replaced with a clearly ordered concept. Isolated solutions which are costly to maintain can now be replaced. Data sources can be added and the digitalisation in the company experiences a new boost on a step-by-step basis.

Because many companies use reports and information across departments, an end-to-end web application makes sense for security reasons alone. Independence from operating systems and easy maintenance options are further benefits.

JUNE5 WebReport can be used in all industries in which production and machine data play a key role. Thanks to the flexibility of the interfaces and the report generation, individual, sector specific solutions can be created quickly and easily.

To provide detailed and professional reports in your company without any problems, we have integrated certain ready-made standards. These are continuously expanded to keep the workload for preparing the reports and the project planning as low as possible. Easy configuration via drag-and-drop or point-and-click simplifies the creation of the application, also with detailed and complex presentations.

With the JUNE5 ECO system, the connection to the real-time sources is straightforward. This is where our core area of expertise in interfaces from a wide range of systems is of considerable benefit to us.

The integration of a report tool is therefore a manageable process. When other functions of the JUNE5 ECO system are also used, the use of JUNE5 WebReport offers another benefit: in this case, it is simply integrated into the ECO system.

Overview of functions


(multiple mixed possible)


  • OSI PI Connector
  • GE Historian
  • Honeywell PHD
  • SIMATIC Process Historian and
  • Wonderware Historian on request
  • More on request


  • OPC UA HA Server
  • WinCC / PCS 7 via OLE DB-Provider
  • atvise®
  • B + R


  • Licensing is per mobile device
  • Low data volume on the mobile internet or WLAN/li>

The current operating system releases for server software as well as a list of the tested end devices (clients) and web browsers are available on request.