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The VIDEC support team, made up of qualified engineers, not only supports you when problems arise, but also when it comes to any technical queries you may have about our products. We provide personal consultation without recorded messages — direct from our support centre in Bremen.

Regular training courses and further education of our employees guarantees the high quality of our support team and ensures that our contact partners are always up-to-date when it comes to technology.

We are proud to offer you the highest quality of customer service and strive to provide you with the best-possible support for your projects.

Support @ VIDEC

Would you like to get to know our support team? No problem! VIDEC regularly offers product or project training courses. Receive personal consultation from our support staff — at a training course in Bremen or on-site at your own company.

Your direct line

+49 421 33950-99

(Mon – Fri | 9am – 12pm | 1pm – 5pm CET)

Your direct line

*) Access only for registered & logged-in customers

Further information on VIDEC Support

What does our support service cover?

Our support service is always linked to the licence of a product that you have purchased from us. This currently includes

AIP – alarm system
JUNE5 ECO System
(J5 Basic System, J5 WebReport, J5 Gate (incl. ODP Retrofit), J5 DataTrans)

Other supportable products:
ACRON (DataForum)
IRMA® (Achtwerk)
iFIX, Historian, WebSpace (GE Digital)
atvise® (Bachmann)

We can only provide the support service in full if you

  • are a fully registered customer (address, company, telephone, company e-mail),
  • provide us with the relevant licence number and, if the licence is not operated at your company, the installation location with customer address and contact person and
  • have experience in handling the software in your company.


Questions will always relate exclusively to the current product version. If you require special support for products that have not yet been discontinued and are still prior to the EOL/EOS date, we offer you our “Consulting Support” (support ticket) on the basis of service hours with a 15-minute billing cycle.

Please understand that separate CASE numbers will be created for thematically different questions. This is the only way we can provide you with qualified and targeted support.

Support is provided on weekdays (Mon – Fri) during our office hours in Bremen from 9am – 12pm | 1pm – 5pm.


For current licence holders (owners of usage rights) from our product portfolio (JUNE5 ECO System, AIP, ACRON and others), we offer free communication by e-mail via the known address and by telephone on +49 421 33950-99.

If no separate “Consulting Support” (support ticket) has been ordered, our staff will deal with your enquiry according to volume and workload. The response time to your e-mail also depends on the depth of the issue in question and may require further dialogue between our team members.

Please note that questions relating to the current product version can of course be processed more quickly. Nevertheless, our support staff will endeavour to provide information on all active versions, i.e. versions that are not yet in EOL/EOS status (see: Product life cycle).

Would you like more direct support or special assistance? In this case, we can offer you our “Consulting Support” (support ticket) on the basis of service hours with a 15-minute billing cycle or a separate framework agreement.


What does response time mean?

This is the period of time from receipt of your enquiry to confirmation from Support in the form of explicit enquiries, information or information about your question. It is therefore a guaranteed initial response time. The guaranteed first response means that VIDEC Support will respond within this time window after receipt, begin processing and endeavour to answer the question as quickly as possible.

There are no response times defined for “FreeSupport”.

Depending on the available capacity, our support team will deal with your enquiry promptly and provide an answer.

What is the status of Secure contract holders?

An active Secure contract always includes the right to obtain the latest product version as part of the scope of services. This means that you always have the latest product version available in the event of constant operating system changes and when retrofitting your system IT. We have also promised you preferential treatment for support enquiries.

Experience has shown that Secure contract holders receive more effective support from us:

  • The contact person works continuously with the product,
  • makes adjustments to the parameterisation
  • and, if necessary, takes care of the IT infrastructure in the operational area.


Secure contracts only include the right to update the software.

What is behind the update right?

The update right is included in the Secure contract.

It runs for the duration of an active Secure Contract and authorises the customer to always use the latest product version within the term. This version is made available to the customer by VIDEC for download via special access points.

The update right does not include a service.