JUNE5 DataTrans

Automatic data export
with format conversion

Most companies have a wide variety of products in which data is archived. Frequently, information or datasets are needed from these data pools in order to calculate with them in other areas or applications, or to maintain evidence.

These data exports have different characteristics in the different sectors with regard to the export format (CSV, XML, LPEX, Teis3, MSCONS, B2MML, …). The way in which this data has to be exported also varies greatly.

This can be done manually, daily, hourly, for example – but only when the interval has been calculated, when valid data is available, or when a batch has been completed. We have developed JUNE5 DataTrans a uniform data transport interface so that we can unify these functions and bring them to our standard data interface.

What can JUNE5 DataTrans do?

Functional features include exporting data from different data sources and converting it into the desired formats. This function is implemented in the core of JUNE5 DataTrans. Other formats can be added on request.

  • JUNE5 DataTrans is a unified data transport interface with format conversion
  • Data is “pushed” to a destination according to the pre-set rules
  • Data is resupplied in case of error or incompleteness
  • Data is sent to “groups of persons”
  • 100% web interface – cloud ready

As a result, JUNE5 can extract a wide variety of data from different data sources. These can be converted into a wide variety of formats and then made available to the responsible employee or authority in a targeted and automated manner via a scheduler.

Applications & Interfaces

Universal fully-automatic export for CSV and SQL server (based on ACRON ODBC server)

Ambiti terittoriali ottimali
(optimal catchment areas)

Batch ML Export

Flat File Export

Datenverbund Abwasser Bayern (Bavaria wastewater data network)

Eigenkontrollverordnung BW, HE (self-monitoring ordinance)

JUNE5 Batch Meta
Batch header data for SQL server

Simple message exchange

Energy industry message exchange, load profile and meter data

Transmission of water and wastewater analysis (Bavaria)

Analysis data for the lower health authority (Gesundheitsamt)

Special solution 1

Special solution 2

Requirement on the part of the applications

Maximum security with convenient operation




These services are monitored in the JUNE5 dashboard which is easy and convenient to use. The setting/ parameterisation takes place via a web interface and can be operated using standard browsers.

On the security side, we use the functions of our tried and tested JUNE5 platform. This allows us to ensure the greatest possible safety for an appropriate application.