atvise® - Version 3.5.2 released

Available now: The next version of atvise®, the all-in-one-solution for web-based visualisation

The latest atvise software version offers a number of innovations as well as improvements regarding operation and usage.

Separation of graphics and logic
  • Modular logic units for dynamics and script code within graphical objects
  • Management and engineering of local and linked logic within the Display Editor
  • Separated the logic from the graphics within all atvise objects and extended the interface of the scripts for easier use in your own objects
Dynamic archive management
  • Management interface for historical archives embedded in the atvise® Visualization
  • Swapin/Swapout historical archives via mouse click
  • Periodical swapin/swapout of historical archives
  • Backup and restore for better IT integration
Import/export interface for version control tools
  • Text-based export of all atvise® project contents to the file system via the atvise® builder
  • Update of atvise® projects via import from the file system into the atvise® project database
  • Seamless integration of atvise® projects into GIT or SVN repositories

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