AIP - Version 5.0 released

Available now: the next version of AIP, the intelligent alarm system

The latest AIP software version offers a number of innovations as well as improvements regarding operation and usage.

Web Application

For configuration with SSL encryption.
For AIP Messenger with SSL encryption.

AIP Messenger App

AIP Version 5.0 requires the Android and iOS app ‘AIP Messenger 2’. ‘AIP Messenger’ app supports AIP up to version 4.2.
‘AIP Messenger 2’ app uses secure communication via HTTPS.

Web-API alarming

Web-API Alarming was increased to version 1.1.

Sending Media

New placeholder {AcknowledgdeCode} for the sending media.
The acknowledgement code of an event can be sent for all sending media.


A new encryption algorithm is used for user passwords.

.NET Framework

AIP version 5.0 requires .NET Framework 4.7.2.

Guidance System Support

iFIX version 6.0 is supported
Windows WinCC 7.5 is supported


AIP version 5.0 is approved for Microsoft Windows 10 (1903) and Windows Server 2019.

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Further product news

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