IRMA - Version 19.05 released

New release V19.05 of the IRMA® security appliance is available

Even good things can be made better: This is also true for the IRMA® security appliance, which is now available in version 19.05.

The new functions and adjustments include

  • A more detailed view of assets and connections for asset management and anomaly detection
  • Additional information of IP and non-IP communications is visible and evaluated
  • The “standard alarm” and default settings in the control systems make commissioning even easier
  • Increased performance of real-time monitoring and operational reliability
Asset Management
  • Additional details of protocols used, (communication) addresses (Layer 2 , Layer 3, …), previously used (communication) addresses
  • Additional keywords (tags) for dynamic grouping and labeling of assets and connections
  • Improvement for assets configured via DHCP
  • Default asset names for easier commissioning and validation of assets
Rules / Actions in connection & alarm management
  • Sets of rules with time control (hour, daily, week, month)
  • Numerous preconfigured sets of rules for plant-specific alarms
  • Configurable potential-free contact (action “relay contact”) in the rules and regulations of the connections
  • Additional users and exports in SFTP server for further processing systems (SIEM, Alarming, RM, System Management, etc.)
  • Display of overloads in the switch / router
  • Display when the maximum throughput of the IRMA® hardware systems is continuously exceeded

Very simple: The new release V19.05 is available to our customers and partners via the integrated online or offline update system function.

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