Next virus wave is imminent - and patching is not possible!

Again a new vulnerability has been discovered in Microsoft operating systemsn

CVE-2019-0708 represents a significant vulnerability in the RDP server. Microsoft has reacted quickly and shortly after the vulnerability was announced, a patch was released to close the vulnerability, even for the already discontinued WindowsXP.

But: In which networked automation, production plant or critical infrastructure is spontaneous patching possible without testing all applications and communications?

In such situations IRMA, the security appliance for networked automation and critical systems, provides a remedy: When using IRMA, the responsible person can immediately see on which systems RDP is and was used – a patch is not even necessary at this point.

More information about the vulnerability and the potential threat it poses can be found here (German):  Eine Million verwundbare Rechner: Microsoft warnt vor dem Super-Wurm

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