IRMA - Version 19.11 released

New release V19.11 of the IRMA® security appliance is available

Even good things can be made better: This is also true for the IRMA® security appliance, which is now available in version 19.11.

The new functions and adjustments include

  • Fixed problem creating assets outside of IRMA IP networks (e.g. VPN gateway)
  • LLDP evaluation for identification of routers / VPN gateways inside the network, if available
Asset Management
  • Possibility to directly assign to function as router / VPN gateway in the asset configuration (necessary if LLDP is not used in the network)
  • Display of the own used communication address for connections in the Asset Details
  • Display of the current usage (LinkUp) of the monitoring ports (Configuration / Info / Monitor port status)
  • Display “Last cold start” (Configuration / Info)
  • Commissioning/Maintenance: possibility to delete the alarms of a period (week, month, year) in one step (configuration / database)
  • Fixed problem with OS kernel and microcode updates as a result of processor vulnerabilities Spectre and Meltdown

Very simple: The new release V19.11 is available to our customers and partners via the integrated update system function.

In preparation for the flexible license management in the IRMA system (available Q1.2020) the online update has been deactivated in version 19.11. The offline update is still available and is described under the same item at IRMA.

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