Industry 4.0 Innovation Award 2022

Your vote for the best Industry 4.0 innovation: In 2022 the Industry 4.0 Innovation Award will be announced and presented for the seventh time by VDE VERLAG GmbH in cooperation with “ZVEI” and the “Standardization Council Industrie 4.0”.

The top 3 will be determined in a two-stage voting process: In the first step, all submissions received by VDE VERLAG were reviewed by an independent jury. The jury determined the shortlist and selected what they considered to be the ten best Industry 4.0 innovations; including the Innovation “Operations Hub” from VIDEC.

In a second step, VDE VERLAG will present the top 10 in its specialist media. In parallel, the online voting process will be launched on 1st September 2022, making the rating open to the public. The online voting will end on 28th October 2022, after which VDE VERLAG will select the three most voted Industry 4.0 innovations.


Unfortunately, the voting page is only available in German. However, you can easily cast your vote for VIDEC with this quick guide:

  1. Select “Videc: Proficy Operations Hub” from the drop-down menu entitled “Wählen Sie hier Ihren Favoriten aus”.
  2. Enter your contact details in the fields provided, marked with *.
    (Vorname = First name, Nachname = Last name, Ihr Unternehmen = Your company, E-Mail-Adresse = Email address)
  3. Press “Abstimmen!” to vote

That’s it! 😉

Vote for VIDEC’s Operations Hub.