Anomaly detection for holistic production plant protection


IRMA®, short for Industry Risc Management Automatisation, stands for optimal, state of the art security management.

As an effective industrial computer system used to quickly identify and fight off cyber attacks, IRMA® constantly monitors your production plants, provides information on cyber attacks, and enables risk-based analysis, as well as an intelligent alarm system. This means that risks can be evaluated in good time and actions to stop an attack or to effectively mitigate its consequences can be initiated without delay.


  • Immediate, cognitive anomaly detection within the IT network

    Instant IT visualisation

    Constant monitoring with a passive approach

    Safeguarding of unpatchable systems (e.g. Windows NT/2000/XP, old PLCs, OPC Classic)

    Integration of IT-SiG Sicherheitsstandard Wasser / Abwasser ­(W1060 / M1060)

    Optimal, state of the art IT security

    Safeguarding of certified production plants / processes without re-certification (e.g. pharmaceutical, chemical, or food)

    Immediately ready for use through simple installation and manufacturer-independent concept

    Complete oversight and security for your IT systems, network connections and data connections

    Real-time constant monitoring, recognition of attacks and reporting

    Methodical tool for targeted risk analysis, as well as support in firewall parameterisation